About Us

About Us

We Are The Leading UK FBA Prep Centre

We’re a family run business based in Wolverhampton, we have access to a 1,500 Sqft facility which allows us to accommodate for all of your needs whilst keeping our costs low, this allows us to offer a lower cost prep service compared to other UK FBA Prep Centres.

We’re straight forward and transparent, created by sellers for sellers! With our team having 5+ years of experience in amazon selling you can be assured that you are in safe hands with GE Prep.


We have access to a 1,500 Sqft warehouse in Wolverhampton.


We offer storage services allowing you to drip feed stock into Amazon FBA.

Low Cost

We offer the lowest cost FBA Prep service here in the UK, allowing you to keep your margins high.


Items sent to FBA


Items prepped everyday


Sellers use us

We're here for you

Our prices are designed to help keep the margin in YOUR bank account, it has never been easier to find affordable FBA Prep fees.

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What Our Clients Say


We take confidentiality very seriously at 365 FBA Prep so all clients names have been kept off the website unless they have requested otherwise. If you would like to be featured here please contact us.

TETRO (Wholesale/OA Client)

I needed to free up my time and so I started searching for a prep centre, the issue I faced was the prices. My already low margin products got wrecked but luckily I found this prep centre which offered the lowest prices I could find, what’s even more the communication has been amazing from my account manager Toby.

Anonymous (Private Label Client)

Ever since using GE Prep I have had so much more free time, I pay for the VIP service which includes free shipment creation which makes it not only faster but also ALOT more hands off for me. If you can afford it I would highly recommend going for the VIP Account.

Anonymous (OA Client)

I use the free account as it works perfect for me, the experience with this prep centre is really hands off. The experience from start to current time has been nothing short of perfection, a big thankyou to my account manager Toby. I highly recommend this for any FBA seller.

Anonymous (Wholesale Client)

Where do I start… The sheer amount of time I have saved myself from using GE Prep has allowed me to make more money through amazon because I’ve been able to use my time saved to find more products and more suppliers. I was also incredibly lazy with shipping my products out before using this prep centre, it would sometimes take me a week to ship them off which my account manager pointed out to me that it was a potential of 7 days worth of sales lost. I could not recommend the team enough.